Pure Phit Subscription Store

Pure Phit Store

Pure Phit Subscription Store

Pure Phit Store

The Brief

Pure PHIT is a class-based fitness center that helps clients mobilize their bodies, lose weight, and increase strength. They also sell nutrition supplements to help clients put good stuff in their body. In the early days, their supplemental sales process was unorganized, complicated, and wasted valuable coaching time at the gym. We approached them about automating this process and moving it online to allow clients to choose their products, set up an order schedule, and automatically receive their order each month.

Our Approach

We knew if we could move the order process online it would free up coaches to lead the classes. It would also help clients get educated on the various products and guide them to buy smart bundles. Even better, set it up as a subscription store so that a client only needs to select their products one time, then have ongoing confidence that they would always have enough supplements. This approach would increase supplement revenue while decreasing the reliance on coaches to be supplemental sales people. Win win!

The Results

Pure PHIT supplemental product sales continue to increase. Not only have product sales shot up, but additional revenue has helped them double their physical locations and grow their client base. Feel the burn!

Scott Kennedy
[email protected]

Founder & Digital Consultant at Shepherd Digital. When he's not geeking out over clarity and code, you can usually find Scott checking out the latest local restaurant or craft brewery.

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