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UNITE Event Tickets System

UNITE Events Store

UNITE Event Tickets System

The Brief

UNITE has been a fan of their Shepherd Care since the beginning. They trust us to handle their day-to-day protection, updates & site support. When it came time for them to host their annual conference, they wanted a way to sell tickets online directly to their attendees and sponsors. They wanted a solution that would provide a simple process for purchasing a ticket, and allow their team on the ground to interact with their online solution like a typical POS at the conference.

Our Approach

Instead of looking at this like a ticket-purchasing and printing system, our team took a step back and considered the possibilities. The solution is built on a full point-of-sale framework, which includes selling tickets. However, this framework gives UNITE the ability to easily add beneficial features down the road. This solution is also agnostic to who is making the purchase. Conference staff can create orders for attendees in real-time, and enable an attendee to pay via credit card, cash, or P.O. on the spot. This versatile approach gives our client a lot of flexibility and integrated selling ability all with a solution that anyone with a mobile device can use.

The Results

UNITE had high expectations for this solution, so we were very excited to have exceeded them! The ticket ordering process was incredibly simple for attendees, which created less headaches for their customer support team. And the events store solution was incredibly powerful and flexible, so designated staff felt in control of every aspect to help and resolve customer enquiries and order changes. The client is now excited to add more conferences to their year because we’ve been able to help simplify one of their biggest headaches- selling tickets.

Scott Kennedy
[email protected]

Founder & Digital Consultant at Shepherd Digital. When he's not geeking out over clarity and code, you can usually find Scott checking out the latest local restaurant or craft brewery.

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